Fire Door Inspections, Installation & Maintenance

Effective fire-resisting doors are vital to ensure that the occupants can evacuate to a place of safety. Correctly specified and well-fitted doors will hold back fire and smoke, preventing escape routes from becoming unusable, as well as preventing the fire spreading from one area to another.

It is important that they are regularly inspected and maintained permitting them to perform to safety specifications, and that they also comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Depending on the type of building you are responsible for it will influence the frequency of fire door inspections required. Some buildings, such as schools and hospitals, are subject to heavy traffic and the doors have a hard time often being subject to repeated misuse.

Doors should be inspected at least once every six months, it is recommended an adequate inspection and maintenance routine is in place. AF Consultancy (London) Limited can provide thorough inspections and are happy to discuss in detail your needs.

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Fire Doors Inspection in Hertfordshire

Our work with AF Consultancy (London) Limited enabled us to bring a professional and dynamic approach to the fire prevention team. Bringing a wealth of experience to the table allowed us to clear a backlog of work and peace of mind that we were doing things right. DAVE BARCLAY, FIRE SAFETY MANAGER – Selfridges & Co

Firefighting Personnel

At AF Consultancy (London) we can provide firefighting personnel for large scale events and helipad operations. We can supply experienced industrial firefighters providing you with an exceptional level of firecover. If you have a gap to fill due to staff leave or you need additional staff to ensure operational compliance, AF Consultancy (London) Limited will be happy to discuss your needs.