Fire Risk Assessments

AF Consultancy (London) Limited can provide a Fire Risk Assessment, followed by a detailed report containing a comprehensive written account of observations, recommendations, photographic evidence, executive summary and action plan.

Whether you have an existing Fire Risk Assessment in place or not, AF Consultancy (London) Limited can help. It is essential that you keep the assessment under review and revise it where and when necessary. Best practice is to ensure your current fire risk assessment is updated periodically to cover on-going changes in the building structure, relevant persons and other factors.

If you are an employer, owner/occupier of a business or industrial premises or if you have some control over any commercial premises then you have a legal responsibility to have a fire risk assessment in place.

In cases where a risk exists and it is not being managed, fire authorities have a statutory duty to enforce compliance with the regulations and they may serve a notice on you. In serious cases, prosecutions and fines can be imposed and a worst-case scenario is imprisonment.

The team from AF Consultancy (London) Limited has assisted me on many occasions in compiling risk assessments and fire door surveys. I have to know that work done in my name is of a high standard and Lee and Matt and their team deliver time and time again. RON BARDEN, FIRE SAFETY ADVISOR – NHS Guys & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

AF Consultancy (London) Limited are happy to discuss options to help you maintain your duty to comply.

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